I constantly find that I am utterly disappointed in people. It’s not often that I go out, but whenever I do I always find reasons to despise my fellow humans. It’s so bad that I find it embarrassing to consider myself apart of the same species as these others. There’s always someone tagging some bricks, as if claiming some corner of a road will mean anything. Or there’s someone casually littering and allowing what little natural beauty that exists in this city to wither away. One of these days Princess Park will be recommissioned as a dump – trust me.

But these past few months have put the final nail in the coffin of my opinion of people. I thought that maybe, just maybe, there were some out there who were worth anything. Perhaps just a single person that I could hinge my hopes on. But none have appeared.

No, in fact it’s the opposite. In the past few months I’ve seen everything that I was supposed to believe in thrown out the fucking window. I was supposed to believe in cops that they’re the protectors of innocence and the line between order and chaos – and yet they’ve killed more innocents than any mob member I’ve known and, as a result, have cause more chaos than would have ever existed without them.

All the things I’ve learned about brotherly love and taking care of one another was disregarded as soon as toilet paper became a scarcity. Fucking toilet paper. All that I’ve learned from my ‘good christian’ teachers and pastors, everything about community and society and caring for one another that was shoved down my throat by every fucking show in every fucking holiday special meant nothing as soon as the comfort of three ply paper against your wet arse was at stake.

What’s next? We’ve shown our willingness to invade countries in order to get oil. We’ll overlook slave labour in Chinese concentration camps in order to get cheap t-shirts. And now we’ll abandon our collective humanity and betray our neighbors over toilet paper.

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with the wipe of an arse.

Fuck man.

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