Kanye West vs Donald Trump

Community 'Trump vs Kanye'
It was predicted years ago.
Trump vs Kanye.
We thought it would be comedy.
But it
turned out
it was reality.

The predication came from the least expected
Since none of us watched it.
We were busy thinking that people were good.
We watched Parks and rec.
or Office.
Or any of the other dumb fucking shows that were on.
We looked down on them because we were
so fucking concerned with who we were.
But we never bothered looking up at who we could be.

Now we're paying the price.
Our next presidential debate
will be 'pop pop' vs *vague raspberry noises*
It'll be Kanye vs Trump.

We couldn't have predicted it.
Unless we lost all hope in humanity,
But we didn't think we could.
Fucking Amy Pohler 
Thought her worthlessness could solve anything.
That moron Steve Carell.
Thought that he could portray someone dumber than the average person.

I've found neither of their shows entertaining.
Because their insights into humanity
are mostly insulting.
It's because they don't know people.
Their elevated position, and lack of comedic ability,
makes them hilarious to people who are ambivalent to me as they are to me.
But to people who understand the real world,
it's all to real.

I can't laugh,
I can't cringe.
I can only live from this day to another.
And hope that anything else will mean something.

But Community.
There's something that means something.
Someone who has everything taken away from them 
because of people who are worth less than him.
But he keeps on living,
and trying
and attempting.

At the end of each series, let's see.
One ends up a federal agent for enforcing totalitarian ideals.
Another ends up entrapped in the institution of marriage, and of course the show ends before the divorce starts.
The final ends with no one living the life they wanted. Because that's how life works. Good people never get what they want.

And let's see how each of these series fared with the public.
The two shows that portrayed the life of multiple morons did well. The Office and Parks and Rec. Because the average viewership doesn't want to learn anything, and they don't want to be challenged. 
The show that has complicated characters and actual human development had to be saved by the internet. 
The fucking internet. Just shows the idiots who enjoyed the other shows.

'Pop pop'
*Vague raspberry noises*
done by Community in 2010
They predicted the 2020 odd presidential debates between West and Trump.
They did something meaningful.
While Pohler and Carell just portrayed characters that committed faux pas, so that another character to look to camera left.
Harmon and cast embodied the genuine American life. 

Fucking Americans never want to learn anything
They just want a procession of people
who are worth less than them.

So now you get what you get.
People who are worth less than the average person.
The type of person who would find a central position in any of the 
moronic sit-coms that americans love.

When you want something more worth while
watch something that has characters smarter than you are.

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