A Warm Screen

Looking at screen
Laying here again
Bright screen flashing images
beamed from the other side of the world
More connected than ever
but feeling more lonely than ever

with no connection
Copper wires don’t transmit

Fuck it
it means nothing

More wine
more beer
another cigarette
my mouth opens wide
But closes
for my thoughts

How am I supposed to survive
when everyone I know
is so far away
But the alcohol is so close
and the loneliness looms over me constantly
my constant companion

The screen displays my thoughts
it displays theirs
it’s warm, like them
But the touch is still cold
I miss flesh
it’s supple
the give and take
replaced by giving
or taking
and now it feels cold.

Surrounded by everyone
embraced by no one
the warm tears that roll down my cheek
are the warmest things that have touched me.

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