Just smile and everything will be okay
That's what they tell you everyday
Happiness isn't a feeling it's a choice
Why do I have to decide to be happy today?
Why do I have to decide to be happy everyday?

Is it not sick that
despite everything being wrong
my unhappiness
is what concerns you most?

Why do I have to be happy?
To help you move along?
With your pathetic life
as if you've helped me?
Or do I need to help you?

Smile, it'll make life better
But it won't
It doesn't solve how little I think of myself
How little others think of me
How little I think of the world
How little the world thinks.

It's okay to not smile
to not care 
to give up
to be unhappy.

That's the problem with us today
and I know that gets said a lot
but I'm just throwing my opinion in

We care too much about being happy
that we can't ever let us be ourselves
and we can't ever react the real way someone is feeling
and we cant ever feel the way we are feeling.

But we also can't ever be happy
truly happy.
If we jump for joy
or dance on the street
we're judged just as much as if
we sulked
and drank
and stumbled

Don't let the world control your emotions
Don't let them tell you who you should be
You are who you are
If you let them tell you when to celebrate
or how to celebrate
then you'll just become another them
rather than a you.
And you'll be dead
from hemlock.

Sob, weep, cry if you need to.
Dance in a fountain if you want to.
Don't let their failure of emotion control you.
Because they can only hate.
And their hate kills. Slowly. 
All joy leaves and you are sucked dry of any emotion.
And then you are left like them

Don't die. 

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