Why Not Die at 40

I smoke and I drink
Nightly and daily
to me it's like prayer

But there's a difference between what I do
and what the preachers do
For one what I do accomplishes something
another is that it is killing me

All the warning labels and
predictable ads
say that I'll be dead by 40.

But why would I ever want
to live longer
than that

Why would I want to see my friends
fade away from me

Why would I want a child
when children disgust me

I can't imagine anything worse
than not being able to get it up
when a flaxen haired Aphrodite
sits upon me

Then your memory fades
The only real reason we're living
All those moments of the life I've lived
lost to some invisible trashcan in my mind

Why would I ever want to live past fourty
It seems to me
we should live life as much as possible
while we're alive
and when our time comes, we let it come
rather than cling on to something
that wasn't there in the first place

Live life
then die

That's my philosophy.

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