Come See the Duality of Man

Come one come all
Roll up and come and see
the duality of man
our freakshow awaits all those who pay
to see how we treat everyone individually

One is so concerned
there is a strong man in a corner
with the opinions of others
he is lifting a heavy dumbbell
that he is willing to torture his body
His muscles flex and relax but that is all that moves
for the enjoyment of others

There is a general feeling of awe throughout
the awed crowd

Next is the one
panning over we notice a man eating
who cares nothing for the opinions of anyone who is watching
no matter who you are you cannot catch his eyes
he sits and enjoys his nachos and his unearned

Come in and see which one you will be
after passing through the hall
or rooms
of mirrors
see what you will be

It doesn’t matter
Noone ever really makes it
They just keep wondering in a field
of mirrors that whir around a sun
stuck in a galaxy
that sits within an expanding universe
that’s far too old for any of them to ever understand

But the muscled man and the nacho man
They keep stretching and eating
Knowing it doesn’t matter
but hoping it does

At the end of the show
they’re both killed
but by what we’ll never know.

Good night
ladies and gentlemen
and please come back

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