It’s Not a Dream it’s a Delusion

It’s not a dream it’s a delusion.
One that we’re encouraged to maintain
To look up when times are troublesome
That one day they won’t be

One day we’ll get to live in a house
Overlooking a lake
With a beautiful wife
That relaxation is in our future
And each night 
After the horrors of the morning
The three extra hours or working
The customers
The boss
The colleagues
We dream of this world
We escape into it

Our foolishness covers our eyes
Deprives us of the ability to see the truth
And turns our dreams into delusions

What chance have you
Of competing with the multinational?
Of competing with those who have inherited wealth
Or land
Or connections and contacts?
Do you truly think that you can work hard
And achieve this thing
This dream of yours?

There is such limited land on which to live
And most of it has already been claimed
And the ones who own it
Aren’t going to give it up easily

Who are you to take it?
A tiresome cog in a wheel
Why not sell to the machine
Work as much as you like
As long as you like
As hard a you like
A cog will never compete with a machine
Neither will you compete on this market

Delusions are the tools of the powerful
Like oil in a machine
That keeps the cogs running
Until they’re burnt out and useless
And replaced

Then you might get a home
One that you are thrown into
And your delusion will fade
And your dream will become reality
Then your dream will become a nightmare

Looking around you will realise
This is what you were working towards
Your entire life
A home for a cog. 

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