And from the first argument we see - those who have made the argument have never lived in true poverty. 
My car was shit, as were the cars of my friends. The reason they were this way is because we were poor and could only afford cars that were old. 
They only held old odometers that were within 8km/h of accuracy. 

It's easy to squeeze money from the poor.  
If not that then there are many people who are poor, and these people can be easily exploited for free labour under the vague term of indentured servitude.
And beyond we can see that you have never been anywhere other than in an upper class suburb. The rules (that the state writes) state they cannot catch you on an orange, 
but try arguing that when all you have is a public defender; you'll be fined for going on the green. 
Go to an upper class judge 
as an upper class individual and you get off easy. 
Go as any other individual and
you get the book thrown at you. I don't expect you to know 
or understand, 
because you've not had 
the personal experience I've had.
And registration of a car is needed to know where you are. 
Not you, 
you of the upper class. 
But us, the ones 
who have built everything that you depend upon.  
I expect nothing of you other than for you to cast the first stone. 
And I expect nothing from you except to be judged for not being you. 

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