What Did We All Die For

And what cause did they all end up dead for?
Now where are they
those whose corpses that used to lay
strewn about upon beaches and landings and forests
or are they nothing more than food for the worms
and now nothing more than bone
or less

What now do we celebrate
that they in their time

What now do we share
with those who died
wanting to carry on their culture
to share with us

Nothing but dust and shadows

All is lost 
cries the man in the castle

all will be lost
should cry the man outside the castle

Nothing is shared
nothing is passed on

no grain of sand in a dune
can be counted twice in a generation
no belief in a man
can be carried beyond his term

So what did they all die for
and what do we continue to die for
if not a grain of sand
in a great dune
that spans eternity

And yet
so many die
for the chance to be considered
a compatriot
of a grain of sand. 

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