We Landed a Rover on Mars, and then the Royal Family Ruined it all.

Recently a rover landed on Mars. This can be described as nothing less than a massive achievement of mankind. As someone who has learned physics and computer science, I can appreciate the difficulty that is involved in launching something from Earth and having it arrive on another planet. That alone should be good enough for funding – if we could but fire a cannon and have the iron land on another plant that would prove, definitely, that we have mastered not only the earth and the skies but space itself. 

Clearly others had different ideas of what a conqueror should seek. They sent a probe, a computer that was able to think and process and report back. But how much did we sacrifice for this information? 2 billion 350 million dollars, approximately, from my research and from my reckoning. 

This cost may seem great to some. Certainly to most 2.35 billion dollars would be a monumental amount of money to any individual. But this amount was not paid to any individual – it was spread about amongst the community. Parts needed to be purchased, information gathered, great minds of scientists and great skills of engineers needed to be acquired in order to even hope of launching a lump of aluminium, and steel, and iron, and silicon, and phosphorus, and all the other elements held aboard that robot that will analyse and assess probably the only planet that holds the key to our future.

But how much media attention did it get? Practically none. Don’t you know how deep I had to delve to find the meaning of the red stripes upon the parachute? Where it was to land and what it was to explore? Read the average magazine, or newspaper, or rag, or whatever and you’re unlikely to have heard more than a piece of steel was landed upon a foreign land that is unimaginable to us except for price it cost. 

Unfortunately, though, I have not been compelled to write this piece because of my love of the rover. And, honestly, I feel somewhat ashamed of myself. I thought that I would so love the exploration of space and the advancement of science that I would have known of the rover while it was still in development, but unfortunately I only learned about it after it was successfully deployed on that red surface. In all honesty, I write this piece because I have finally been informed of some drama that has involved the English Royals. 

The news that was generated from the quarreling of an outdated and mostly irrelevant royal family far outweighed any news generated from mankind taking a further step into the wild unknowns of space exploration. I’ll admit that I didn’t watch the entire interview, because I was so disgusted within the first ten minutes that I couldn’t continue on any further. The thing that sickened me most is how shallow and weak minded all three appeared to be during the evening. From elementary research I found that Oprah is worth ~$3.5 billion, and the royal family is worth ~$30 billion. That is 1.5 rover missions and 15 rover missions, respectively. 

I can’t say that I’m disappointed. I’ve read and studied history and I know how weak minded people are. But I can’t help but feel that if, instead of indulging royalty and a billionaire who made her riches from nothing more than interviews, we invested in new technology and new ways to reach the stars, then we would hopefully move out of the era where our primary concern is who fucked whom and into the era where we concern ourselves with how to build a midway jump station between here and Alpha Centuri. 

But, again, I have met too many people. And it is always unfortunate whenever I meet people because it always lessens my hope that we will ever be more than a slightly advanced ape on a middling, undistinguishable planet. If Oprah wanted she could invest in multiple probe landings of the Red Planet and could help ensure we set up colonies outside of our own world – but she is more concerned with human comforts rather than real change, and is satisfied knowing that she will die in folds of a golden bed while others suffer the cold of the streets of the heat of a boiling earth. If the Royal Family desired they could match the budget of the European Space Agency five fold, and without even making a dent in their usual pleasures, and that would allow a multitude of ISSs to be built (the original only costing the equivalent of $5 billion USD). But they are more concerned with their own status and ways of spending that money on themselves. Especially considering their ties to Epstein, it is likely that the royal family spent more on disgusting perversions than was spent on science within the empire of the English. 

Ultimately, the only conclusion that can be drawn from what I have written is such – I have no faith in people, I have no faith in mankind, I have no faith. We have already irreparably damaged the only planet that we can live on, and despite our resources we have chosen to remain on the damaged planet. We are all doomed, and it is nothing less than what we deserve. 

Our only hope, really, is to die without hating one another.

But I highly doubt that is possible.

So I say to all you – fuck you.