A Poet’s Perspective on a Conversation With a Poet

The conversation started out innocently enough
They asked what I did
I replied that I’m a poet

After that 
we had the conversation that most poets
have had at least once in their lives
or, if they haven’t yet.
They will

The part of the questioner will be played by the reader.
Improvisation is encouraged

It’s difficult to say how I got into poetry
I don’t know, not really
One day I saw a sheet of paper before me
and I wrote down some words
and they seemed profound to me
So I kept doing that
and now I’m here

Well, no, I’ve not really published anything
I’ve yet to be discovered
if that’s what you mean
but I do have a blog
where I post some of the stuff I write
but it doesn’t get much traffic 

Well I guess it is disingenuous
as you say
to call myself a poet when I’ve yet to publish anything

I cook. I work on the line. 
I work the fry station
So yeah, I suppose it is more accurate to say
that I am a frier
rather than a poet
but I still feel that I am better described 
by my poetry
than my skill with in a kitchen

The reason I don’t send in any of my stuff
is because I don’t think I write anything that they’ll like
right now
Mostly what I write is absurdist poetry
here’s one of my favorite pieces that I’ve ever written

    ‘I got on the train
    it went from West Richmond
    to North Richmond
    without changing directions

    that’s fucked’

So what do you think?
Do you like it?

No, it doesn’t rhyme
not all poetry rhymes
I’ve read thousands of poems
I’ve yet to read one that rhymes.

Do you not appreciate the absurdity of it though?
What I’m saying is,
life is like the train
and we’re all just living in it
and we go from one place
to another
without our input
and without really changing directions

And then you get to the really good part
the part where it says ‘that’s fucked’
because of how insightful the poem is you kind of expect there to be some really profound conclusion that can be drawn from the premise that would take multiple lines to clearly lay out and then that conclusion could be debated on by people who study my poetry long after I’m dead, because they will, you know, they will.
but then all that’s said is how fucked it is
again reiterating the absurdity of it all

No, I don’t think it’s immature to swear in a poem
For someone who claims to know nothing about poetry
you sure are acting like an expert

How many poems have you published?
None, that’s what I thought.

Oh, well, yeah. I guess that is technically the same number as me.

So what do you think poetry ought to be?
Something that all can relate to
or something that at least you can relate to
I’m guessing the second one since you obviously don’t relate to me little poem
and because of that you didn’t like it

No, no, please. There’s no need to pretend that you liked what I wrote
I know a critic when I see one
I want to know what tickles your fancy
because it might ensure that I actually make it big in this poetry game
some day

You think it ought to be more relatable
and it should have more lines
and cut out the ‘fuck’ obviously
but what do you mean it should rhyme

It doesn’t need to rhyme
for christ sake
rap rhymes
poetry needn’t

I think poetry is simply the art of expressing complex things
in the simplest way possible
kind of like life
is full of complexities and seeming improbabilities
but ultimately it’s full of simplicities

Think of how complex life itself is
and yet we float out in an infinite void
and the most difficult part of life, for me at least,
is putting on pants. 

That, to me, is what poetry is
I’m on a train
it goes from West Richmond to North Richmond
without changing direction

that’s fucked.